Residential Lease

THIS LEASE is made on the [CURRENT-DAY] day of [CURRENT-MONTH], [CURRENT-YEAR] and between [HOST-NAME] (Owner), whose mailing addresses is [HOST-MAILING-ADDRESS], and [RENTER-NAME] (Tenant), jointly and severally. Owner hereby leases the following described premises: [LISTING-ADDRESS], to the Tenant under the terms and conditions set forth hereafter to be occupied by the Tenant for use as a private dwelling. The following personal property is included in the lease and subject to the lease: [ANY-ADDITIONAL-RIDERS].
<li><strong>TERM:</strong> The term shall be for one year commencing on the [SELECTED-START-DAY] day of [SELECTED-START-MONTH], [SELECTED-START-YEAR] and ending on the [SELECTED-END-DAY] day of [SELECTED-END-MONTH], [SELECTED-END-YEAR]. Either Owner or Tenant may terminate this Lease at the expiration date by giving the other written notice at least sixty (60) days prior to such expiration. Any change to a notice to vacate must be in writing and approved by the Owner. If tenants fail to comply with vacate notice, they will be assessed [DAILY-RATE] per day as liquidated damages in addition to rent and other appropriate fees. If notice is not received by either party more than 60 days prior to lease expiration, the lease term will automatically renew for another like period. <strong>Notice shall not be deemed valid unless given or served in writing and delivered to the owner at the address provided above or through an established email correspondence.</strong></li>

<li><strong>RENT:</strong> Tenant agrees to pay as rent the total sum of [TOTAL-COST-OF-RENT] ([MONTHLY-RENT] x [TOTAL-MONTHS] + [DAYS-BEYOND-WHOLE-MONTHS] pro-rated days at [DAILY-RATE]) due and payable in advance, without demand, deduction or offset, in monthly installments of [MONTHLY-RENT]. The first month’s rent payment of [MONTHLY-RENT] and the pro-rated amount of [DAYS-BEYOND-WHOLE-MONTHS]*[DAILY-RATE] and the security deposit of [SECURITY-DEPOSIT] for a total of [DAYS-BEYOND-WHOLE-MONTHS]*[DAILY-RATE]+[SECURITY-DEPOSIT] is due at Lease signing and monthly rent is due on the fifth of each month thereafter. All monies shall be payable to Gryffan. If rent is not received by 2 p.m. on the 9th day of the month, Tenant agrees to pay, as additional rent, a late charge of [LATE-CHARGE] and an additional [ADDITIONAL-FEES] for each 14 days the rent is not paid after the due date). Postmarks are not considered. Tenant further agrees to pay a charge of $45.00 for each check not honored by his bank. This charge will be in addition to any late charges that may be due and Owner retains the option of requiring further payments to be made by certified funds. All payments will be first applied to the past due balances of rent and other charges owing under this Lease and secondly to the current rent. If during the course of this lease a late payment is greater than one month, the Owner, at their discretion, may immediately terminate the Lease and provide written notice to the Tenant to vacate within 30 days. To avoid delays in payments, Tenant is encouraged to use a web bill pay service or establish a direct debit through ACH, or use the subscription payment service that is part of the Gryffan p latform. </li>

<li><strong>SECURITY DEPOSIT:</strong> Tenant is required to deposit [SECURITY-DEPOSIT] as security for the faithful performance of all terms and conditions of this Lease including, but not limited to, the return of all keys and surrender of premises in its present condition; reasonable wear and tear excepted and is due at Lease signing. TENANT MAY NOT USE THE SECURITY DEPOSIT OR ANY PART THEREOF AS THE LAST MONTH’S RENT and agrees to the transfer of same if property is sold during the term of this Lease. Within thirty (30) days after termination of Lease and surrender of keys, Owner shall mail the security deposit, plus interest as required by law, less any damages or other offsets to Tenant together with an itemized list of deductions.</li>

<li><strong>DELIVERY/CONDITION:</strong> Should the Owner be unable to deliver the premises to Tenant as agreed, then Owner shall not be liable for any damages resulting there from, nor shall this agreement terminate; however, Tenant shall not be liable for any rent until he/she takes possession. Tenant may terminate this agreement if Owner fails to deliver the premises within one (1) day of the beginning date state in the ‘Term’ section of this lease. Tenant acknowledges that the premises are in fit and habitable condition and that he/she has received an Inspection Report to be returned to the Owner within five (5) days of occupancy. If the Tenant does not return the report within five (5) days, the Tenant assumes all responsibility for the premises and therefore assumed there are no discrepancies with the condition of the premises or appliances. </li>

<li><strong>OCCUPANCY:</strong> The Tenant will be the only person permitted to reside in the premises during the entire length of the Lease, without the written permission of the Landlord. Not more than two guests will be permitted to stay in the premises at one time and such a visit will not exceed more than seven (7) days in a period of a month and will not be consecutive weeks, without a written request from the Tenant and written consent of the Owner.</li>

<li><strong>PETS:</strong> The Tenant is not authorized to have a pet without the prior written permission of the Owner. Failure to comply is a default of the lease and could result in the Tenant’s eviction and/or monetary damages.</li>

<li><strong>UTILITIES:</strong> Tenant agrees to provide and promptly pay for all utilities and services from the first to the last day of terms of the lease.</li>

<li><strong>EARLY TERMINATION:</strong> Any member of the Armed Forces or Virginia National Guard on full-time duty receiving permanent change of station orders (PCS) OR temporary duty orders (TDY) in excess of ninety (90) days to depart fifty (50) miles or more radius from the leased premises OR unexpected release from active duty, may terminate this Lease by giving written notice at least thirty (30) days accompanied by a copy of official orders. Unexpected release DOES NOT include termination due to end of current active service term, if rotation and/or active service term is anticipated prior to signing the lease. Any Tenant receiving a permanent transfer by employer to a job location in excess of a fifty (50) mile radius from the leased premises may terminate this Lease by giving thirty (30) days written notice accompanied by verification from employer. In consideration of early termination, Owner may require Tenant to pay, as liquidated damages, an amount equal to (a) one month’s rent if Tenant has occupied unit less than six months; (b) one-half of one month’s rent if Tenant has occupied unit for six, but less than twelve months as the date of termination.</li>

<li><strong>SUBLETTING:</strong> Tenant shall not be permitted to sublet rooms during the term of the lease.</li>

<li><strong>LIABILITY:</strong> Owner shall not be liable for any injury or damage to persons or premises from any cause unless such damage shall be adjudicated to be a deliberate negligent act on their part. <strong>Tenant</strong> shall indemnify and hold harmless Owner from all claims and <strong>shall protect his/her persons and contents on the premises by insurance</strong>. Nothing herein shall be construed to relieve Owner of their liability to Tenant under law.</li>

<li><strong>DANGEROUS MATERIALS:</strong> Tenant shall not keep or have on the premises any article or thing of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive character that might substantially increase the danger of fire on the premises, or that might be considered hazardous by a responsible insurance company, unless the prior written consent of Owner is obtained and proof of adequate insurance protection is provided by Tenant to Owner. If Tenant chooses to use the gas grill, all responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of the grill shall be transferred to the Tenant. Grill must not be operated within five feet of any wall, fence, or plant material. Grill must not be left unattended while in operation. Grill must be fully cooled off before storing and being left unattended. Any damage caused by the grill will be assigned to the Tenant.</li>

<li><strong>CASUALTY:</strong> Tenant covenants that he/she will not permit any act that will increase the fire hazard or rate of insurance on the premises; that he/she will obey all State and Municipal laws and regulations; and that he/she will commit no nuisance on the said premises. Tenant also agrees to fully comply with all governing documents as filed with the State of [STATE-OF-PROPERTY]. In the event of damage to the premises by fire or other casualty, Owner shall repair it with reasonable dispatch. If premises are condemned for occupancy for more than seven (7) days, Tenant may notify Owner in writing to terminate this Lease. However, if damage was caused by a deliberate or negligent act of Tenant, his/her family or guests, no option to terminate shall exist.</li>

<li><strong>ALTERATION/REPAIR:</strong> Tenant may not perform any renovation/alteration without prior written consent of the Owner including, but not limited to, painting, wallpapering or sanding. Tenant shall not change existing or install new (a) heat/air conditioning equipment, (b) antenna/cable/satellite connections, (c) ceiling fans, (d) appliances, (e) lighting fixtures, (f) locks (g) faucets, (h) cabinets or shelving without prior written consent of the Owners. Any approved or illegal improvements will immediately become a permanent part of the property and may not be removed at termination of Lease; however, Owner reserves the right to require Tenant to return the property to its original condition. Tenant shall give Owner prompt notice of all accidents/malfunctions to any part of the leased premises. Repairs shall be made at the Owner’s discretion with due diligence and Tenant shall be responsible whenever repairs are necessitated by Tenant, his/her family or guests. Tenant agrees to replace/repair all broken/damaged glass, screens, doors and frames not existing at the time of occupancy by a licensed and/or professional contractor. Tenant shall not place waterbeds, portable heaters, and wood burning stoves on the premises without written permission of the Owners. Tenant agrees to keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition and free of pests and debris. Tenant shall keep all air conditioning/heating filters cleaned or changed monthly; and all plumbing free of grease and foreign matter. Extermination (if required) and carpet cleaning by an owner-recommended professional, is the responsibility of the Tenant prior to termination of the lease and proof by receipt will be required. Tenant agrees to keep gutters and downspouts clear during tenancy. In the event a citation is received by the city or the condominium association due to property upkeep, Owners will make necessary corrections at the Tenants expense. These charges will be added to the Tenants next month’s rent, and applicable receipts provided as proof of the completion of the work.</li>

<li><strong>FURNITURE:</strong> Tenant must protect the surface of all engineered wood floor areas. This includes the addition of felt pads under all furniture coming in contact with the engineered wood floor. In the event the engineered wood floors are damaged, the Owners will hire a contractor to restore the engineered wood floors to their original condition, at the expense of the Tenant. </li>

<li><strong>CLEANING:</strong> Tenant must not use harsh chemicals on any surface within the property. This is to protect from scratching and dulling surfaces. Vacuuming of carpets is recommended when needed or at least once a week. Swiffers are recommended on the engineered wood floor surfaces. It is recommended to clean the glass cooktop after every use. The quartz countertops in the kitchen shall only be cleaned with dish soap and water. Bleach and ammonia products shall not be used except as part of detergent for the purpose of washing clothes. Bleach and ammonia products may damage the finish of the countertops and other surfaces. If surfaces are found to be damaged, the tenant shall be assessed any refinishing or replacement costs.</li>

<li><strong>ACCESS:</strong> Upon at least a 24-hour notice to Tenant, Owner or their duly designated representative, may enter the premises to (a) inspect, (b) make necessary repairs or improvements, (c) exhibit the premises to prospective purchasers, tenants or workmen; and may place “For Sale” signs on the premises. In case of emergency or abandonment, Owner may enter the premises without prior notice. If Tenant refuses access, Owner may obtain injunctive relief to compel access to terminate this Lease. Tenant shall give notice to Owners of any anticipated absence from the premises in excess of seven (7) days.</li>

<li><strong>KEYS/ACCESS:</strong> Tenant will be given an access code to the front door and any keys to the premises, including any shed(s), pool access card(s), and any mailbox key(s). If any keys and/or pool pass(s) are not returned to Owners following termination of Lease, Tenant shall be charged $50.00 for each missing item.</li>

<li><strong>LOCKOUT:</strong> If Tenant becomes locked out of the premises, Tenant will be responsible for hiring a locksmith to gain access and/or cost to replace/repair the lock(s). This unit is equipped with a Yale Nest door lock system. The system requires four AA batteries that last approximately a year with normal usage. In the event the batteries were not replaced with or without a verbal warning from the system, the lock can be activated by using a 9V battery for temporary power under the device’s front face.</li>

<li><strong>CONDEMNATION:</strong> If all or a substantial part of the property is acquired for any public use by the right of eminent domain, this Lease shall terminate on the date of such taking and the entire award shall be the sole property of the Owner.

<li><strong>APPLICATION/RULES:</strong> This Lease is entered into based upon information given by the Tenant through the application process. Tenant must advise Owner of any changes to said information immediately.</li>

<li><strong>GOVERNING DOCUMENTS/UNLAWFUL USE/NOISE:</strong> Tenant shall not use, or permit to be used, the leased premises for any unlawful purpose. Tenant shall not make or permit to be made, any disturbing noises, which would interfere with the rights of others, including but not limited to the neighbors. Tenant may only use the premises in pursuit of quiet and lawful enjoyment of the unit. Tenant must comply with all housing codes materially affecting health and safety of habitation. Tenant must comply with any established association quiet hours.</li>

<li><strong>DEFAULT/WAIVER:</strong> If Tenant violates any of the provisions of this Lease or if the premises are vacated/abandoned, Owners shall be entitled to avail themselves of the remedies to which they may be entitled by law or in equity. Tenant hereby agrees to pay all costs, expenses, fees, and charges incurred by Owners in enforcing any of the provisions, covenants, and conditions of this Lease, including reasonable attorney fees and/or court costs, and Tenant hereby waives the benefit of any homestead, bankruptcy or similar exemption laws with respect to this Lease. Owners waiver of one or more defaults by Tenant shall not be considered a waiver of any subsequent default. In the event of any provision, term or conditions of this Lease is held invalid, the other provisions, terms and conditions shall not be affected. Further, the owner will not be held to the rights and obligations of the Virginia Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.</li>

<li><strong>QUARTERLY INSPECTIONS:</strong> Tenant agrees to permit the owner and their delegates to conduct quarterly inspections of the premises to include (but not limited to) the following: plumbing, heating and air conditioning system, roof, electrical, appliances, etc. Inspections will be scheduled at least 24-hours before inspected time. Tenant does not have to be present for inspection, unless requested by the Tenant.</li>

<li><strong>INSPECTION UPON VACATING PREMISES:</strong> Prior to the expiration of the lease, the Tenant shall safely clean the unit, premises, and appliances provided for use in the lease, and shall remove all Tenants personal belongings, trash and debris. The Tenant, upon removal of personal property from inside the premises, shall have the carpets professionally cleaned by a licensed and bonded carpet cleaning company (receipt to be provided to Owner on the day of the final inspection). In the event the premises, appliances and/or carpets are not cleaned to its original condition, the Owner will hire a professional cleaning service at the expense of the Tenant. The cost of such cleaning will be deducted from the Tenants Security Deposit. An inspection with the Owner shall be arranged upon removal of all personal belongings, trash and debris, and completion of all cleaning. This inspection shall be scheduled with the Owner at least one week prior to expiration of the lease, and inspection held not later than the last day of the lease expiration. In the event the Owner must hire a cleaning service and the work cannot be completed by the expiration date of the lease, the Tenant will be responsible for the pro-rated rent for the number of days beyond the expiration of this lease. </li>

<li><strong>ORAL PROMISES:</strong> This Lease constitutes the entire agreement among the parties, and it may not be modified or changed except by written agreement executed by the Owner and Tenant. </li>

<li><strong>OTHER PROVISIONS:</strong>
- Smoking and pets will not be permitted in the premises at any time. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in replacement of all carpeting, painting of entire unit and will be considered a default of the lease which could result in immediate eviction;
- Tenant agrees to replace heating/air conditioning air filters and check all smoke detectors on a monthly basis.
- Tenant agrees to maintain the unit in a manner that does not cause damage to surfaces. </li>



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