Who We Are

We're a small team of professionals - including our first licensed Resident Ally, a title we choose to illustrate the advocacy and the integrity we are looking for in our property managers. John, our first RA, has a great team supporting him - a work from home mom of two kids, a start-up and fintech native, and an infrastructure technology professional. We are each unique in the tribes we represent, and are advocates for those communities. We are proven collaborators who elevate the voices of residents and vendors. To accomplish all of this, we work with leading technology vendors. 

Where We Work 

Where you do! As an exciting startup, when needed, we will work with our contact at Gather to use their in-person spaces. We have Google Meets whenever its more convenient to meet virtually, and are always available via email, socials, chat, text, or phone. 


How We Manage

Gryffan offers full transparency to everyone we work with, through industry technology partners. We conduct yearly drone surveys using our small business partners, ensure yearly audits occur, along with five year reserve studies, we utilize DocuSign to expedite the signing of contracts, share kanban boards with the Associations we work with, offer simple pricing, build out community websites, assign a project manager for large projects, and maintain community announcements through outdoor LED signage. 


How We Build Community

We work with community partners to bring vendors onsite if requested, and to bring residents together at cultural events through special pricing. Each Association earns points as we manage. These points can be used for anything - events, decorations, enhancements, entertainment, etc. We also offer resident creators the opportunity to sell their products to their neighbors.


How to Work with Gryffan

Message us to get started! You might be a creator that wants to highlight your products to our communities, or a resident of one of our communities that wants to offer your creative product to your neighbors, you might be a board member that is looking into changing your Association's management company, you could be a resident looking for assistance, or a perspective vendor that would like to work with the communities we serve. We're happy to connect you with any resources we can provide. 


Brands We've Collaborated With






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